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What To Stock During The COVID-19 Pandemic Crises

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What To Stock During The COVID-19 Pandemic Crises


The COVID-19 pandemic has truly shaken the world. The big question that has boggled people is what to buy and how much to stock. As everybody is completely clueless about how long the situation would last and how to actually handle the global pandemic, most of them are going crazy hoarding trollies after trollies full of supplies and food. 

Panic shopping has never been beneficial under any circumstances. You need to plan things out first and keep yourself calm and composed. First accept the reality that yes there is a pandemic out there and that is going to last longer, longer than a month or two. Now think about all those items that are necessary for you and your family. Take a sheet of paper or open your notepad and make a list of those things. Keep the duration for at least a month or three weeks. 

Food Supplies 

You need to have fresh vegetables for a week or two. You might not be able to stock the vegetables for than two weeks in your refrigerator so buy limited amount only. Next is, fresh juices, its god to keep your immune systemhealthy and you need to increase your intake for vitamin and minerals so buy some juice packs of juices. Stock spices, rice, meat and dairy products for the next 3 to 4 weeks. 

Masks And Sanitizers

The only way to protect your family from this pandemic is to wear facemask, gloves and use sanitizers frequently to kill the bacteria. You can buy sanitizers of all kinds, to spray on the food items, to clean the floor and to use on hands and face. However, make sure not to over stuff your trolley leaving none for others. You need to take care of others need as well. Secondly, get some good facemasks and gloves for your family. Stock them for a month. 

General Medications 

You need to prepare yourself to fight with the general flu and fever or any medical urgencies that may arrive with your family member. Get some general medicines, like cough syrups, painkillers, band aids and all such necessary medicines that can help you treat mere disease easily at your home. If you have kids at home, do get some general syrups and tablets for them as well. 

Entertainment Stuff 

Though the world is falling apart but you cannot just sit in your house locked down for weeks while gluing your eyes on the news channel. You need to have some distraction to feel better and to throw away the stress and depression that must be boiling inside of you. Therefore, get something to enhance the entertainment factor in your house. Buy yourself an Xbox or any video game, activities for your kids or anything that can help you pass your time. 

Winding Down 

You know better what you need to spend your time though the quarantine so make a list and go to shop. But remember to cover yourself first and use the sanitizers frequently. Stay home and stay safe.




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Writer: Harry Liam

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