What Are the Differences between Forex and Cryptocurrency Trading?

February 1, 2018 David Webb 0

Ever since the first bitcoin block was mined back in 2009, cryptocurrencies have become very popular among traders and investors alike. Although they didn’t really take off immediately, the technology behind them was still both fresh and exciting at the time. Even today, many are baffled as to how these cryptocurrencies actually work. Nevertheless, they are being traded all the […]

Why Should You Trade in the Forex Market?

January 13, 2018 Saket Patel 0

There are various financial markets around the world to trade; stocks, commodities, equities, indexes, forex and many more. As a beginner trader or someone who is interested in pursuing another source of income, one might ask what might be the best market to trade or what are the benefits of trading that respective market. There is opportunity to make money […]

Forex Trading Basics

January 20, 2017 Jelani Smith 1

Forex Trading is a market that exceeds $5 trillion a day in volume, making it the largest market in the world. Forex is short for ‘foreign exchange’ – this market is open 24/7 – with multiple participants at various locations throughout the world. Currencies play a huge role in the local and international economy. Currency exchange plays a huge role […]