How To Improve Your Relationship With Money

February 5, 2020 Demetrius Harrison 1

Let’s be honest, even if it’s not at its worst- your money situation could be better. 2 in 3 Americans are unconfident with their finances. Although 36% have a positive relationship with money, 45% feel their relationship with money is worrisome. More interestingly, 33% describe their relationship with money as worrisome. What’s everyone doing with their money? Is budgeting even […]

These 9 Amazing Ways Can Help You Save On Your Next Sports Purchase

September 19, 2019 Alex Bill 2

It’s no secret that Americans have a thing for sports. Sport has always been a priority in the country regardless of the way it is enjoyed. Whether it be watching a game by attending the event, streaming it live with bowls of popcorn on your lap or playing the game itself. Experts recommend taking part in any of the sports, […]

Smart Ways for Making an Extra Income Online

July 25, 2018 David Webb 0

The most convenient thing about online work is that you get to decide when and how much you’re about to work. Sure, some tasks are more time- and effort-demanding than others, while there are certain jobs that are too similar to what you do at work in order to be a viable choice. This gives you so many options to […]

5 Lucrative Alternative Investment Options

June 14, 2018 David Webb 1

When it comes to investing, most people restrict themselves to talks about the stock or forex market, without even stopping to think about all the amazing things they could do with their money. Sure, the volatility of the stock and forex markets makes the act of investing a dynamic business-like experience, which is what attracts most people to this industry […]

Self-Assessment for Personal Financial Empowerment

May 31, 2018 Ali Hussain 0

Every individual has a financial goal that they are striving towards. As a society, we should not be falling into a consistent cycle of obtaining income and spending it, while ever so slowly itching towards your financial goals. All of society, particularly millennials, are susceptible to influence from everywhere in our lives and this is precisely why each and every […]

Lending Loop: A New Investment Tool

January 24, 2018 Jelani Smith 0

Lending Loop is a platform that connects small businesses with individual lenders (investors). Users benefit from interest income, with rates starting at 5.9%. The purpose of these loans ranges from renovations, expansions, and inventory purchases. Lenders can manually analyze each company, or take advantage of Lending Loop’s auto-lend program, and automate their investments.  “Lending Loop is Canada’s first peer-to-peer lending platform. […]

4 Alternative Money Saving Strategies For 2018

January 6, 2018 David Webb 0

Nowadays, people are looking for a way to protect their assets, so that they’d have means of securing funds fast in case of an emergency. If you’ve ever considered investing in something to secure your funds, people undoubtedly recommended stocks and bonds as a safe way to place your investments. Cash, stocks and bonds are a traditional way for investors […]

RRSPs vs. TFSAs: The Differences

November 26, 2017 Ratehub 0

By Over the decades, Ottawa has introduced various incentives to help Canadians save for their retirement: RRSPs and TFSAs. That’s in addition to the Canada Pension Plan and whatever employer options a person might have. The most popular registered savings account is the TFSA. According to Statistics Canada, 40.4% of Canadian households contributed to a TFSA in 2015 (the […]