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WeBeam: Networking Sensation

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WeBeam: Networking Sensation



CEO of We Beam Inc., Nicholas Ivanecky created WeBeam with the objective of making networking easier. The networking allows users to capitalize on real opportunities within a 50m radius.

What is WeBeam?

WeBeam is the easiest way to meet people. This app is a solution for attending networking events but not knowing who is in the room. WeBeam app gives users the opportunity to see who is in the room for the networking event, and finding out more information about that person.
The app can be downloaded on iOS and Android Platforms. Profiles can be created with an email or a Facebook account. WeBeam gives users a chance to develop their personal brand, as they would specify their interests, opinions, and share discussions.

Social Networking

Aside from branding yourself on WeBeam, the app also allows you to easily exchange contact information; replacing the hassle of exchanging business cards. With 1.685 billion active social mobile accounts (Jeff Bullas), social networking is the next generation of growing your connections.

Why should I download WeBeam?

WeBeam is the next generation of networking. It eliminates your chances of missing a great opportunity at a networking event. With WeBeam, you’ll be able to capitalize on all opportunities within 50m, real time.

As a WeBeam user – these opportunities would be capitalized on, quicker than the traditional method of networking, i.e., emailing different professionals, asking for job opportunities. WeBeam reduces the hassle of networking; making it easier for professionals to grow their network.

Key Features

  • Each Beam profile is colour coded; representing the person’s background
  • Profiles are found based on local proximity (up to 50m)
  • Personal branding: each profile has a person’s name, and one line about that person
  • View interests, and retrieve contact information
  • Store new contact info in connections tab
  • Customizable profile, such as background image, and description


WeBeam is the next networking sensation – to provide local, real time opportunities. Business Cards are known to be very ‘traditional,’ and inefficient, especially among the millennial generation. WeBeam is an all in one virtual business card app, making it easier for users to grow their connections, thus allowing them to make the most out of networking events. So, at your next working event, make sure to just Beam It.

Writer: Jelani Smith

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