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Smart Ways for Making an Extra Income Online


Smart Ways for Making an Extra Income Online


The most convenient thing about online work is that you get to decide when and how much you’re about to work. Sure, some tasks are more time- and effort-demanding than others, while there are certain jobs that are too similar to what you do at work in order to be a viable choice. This gives you so many options to customize your sources of income by doing something you’re both capable of and comfortable with. Moreover, some online occupations offer a greater potential for gain in the future, while others provide nothing more than a momentary incentive. Here are some options you might want to consider.

1. Data entry

For people who don’t have a particular skill or simply hate the idea of doing something mentally demanding when they get back from their 9 to 5, data entry is a perfect choice. Doing this for your main source of income is possible in theory but the task is so menial, pointless and repetitive that not a lot of people could handle it. Still, supplementing your income by doing this for an hour or two every day when you come home from work is something entirely different. The income boost would be enough to keep you motivated, particularly if you assign some special purpose for this money.

2. Doing paid surveys

Another thing you could try to do is doing some paid surveys every now and then. Think about it, the amount of focus required for this is higher than what you would need for data entry, while it’s not as high as if you were to do something truly creative. Seeing as how the task is more demanding than data entry, it’s also somewhat better paid. The problem lies in finding reliable platforms, yet, even this shouldn’t be that much of an issue in 2018.

3. Creative writing

The greatest problem with the above-listed two suggestions lies in the inability to grow professionally. Think about it, when it comes to data entry, you’ll earn the same pay during your first month and several years later. Sure, you’ll become somewhat faster and more efficient but the difference is not that great to make an actual difference in your income. On the other hand, if you start with creative writing (as well as content writing or copywriting, for that matter), in time, you’ll get significantly better and more reputable, which will directly lead to a much higher income. This is particularly great seeing as how it can be initiated as a hobby and it doesn’t really require financial investments.

4. Podcasting

One of the simplest ideas for you to make content is to start podcasting. Unlike creative writing, however, this is a much more business-like activity. First of all, you need a proper studio, which is something worth considering the prospect of online loans over. Moreover, podcasting is about more than just talking about random issues into the microphone. You need to script every episode and even consider getting some guests on your podcast. Furthermore, no matter how talented and interesting you are, you still might want to consider developing a podcast persona, in order to match the needs of your market somewhat better.

5. Day trading

The next idea worth your consideration is day-trading, especially on the forex market. This particular money-making technique is ideal for those who want to become online traders yet hate the idea of immobilizing their resources for a prolonged period of time. In this way, most of your trades take place over the course of the day and, in the end, you have slightly more or slightly less than you began with. By utilizing a strategy, setting stop orders and finding a reliable broker, you can completely avoid the gamble-like scenario that some people get entangled in.

6. Blogging

When it comes to blogging, you have so many choices and options that this topic deserves a post of its own. First of all, the number of niches available (even just profitable ones) is simply staggering, whereas the number of ways in which you can profit from blogging isn’t that shabby either. For instance, you can make money advertising, exploiting your affiliate network, creating premium content that you share only with members (in exchange for a membership fee) or by selling products directly on your blog. Some even transition from blogs to e-commerce websites, over the course of time.

7. Make an investment

Another thing you can try is making an investment that will pay off in the future. While this is not necessarily something to be done online, the very existence of the internet makes the majority of investments much more convenient. Not only can you invest online but also use the resources you find in the digital world to choose an investment. For instance, if you’re reluctant to simply invest in stocks or cryptocurrencies, you can look for ideas for investment alternatives online. It’s also much easier to keep track of the market cap and value with an online app or a simple daily Google search.

8. Sell your stuff online

At the very end, platforms like Amazon and eBay can give you an opportunity to get rid of some of your old stuff instead of throwing it away. Now, we’re not talking about your prized possessions but about items that you would donate or discard altogether. The biggest perk of this method lies in the idea that you’re selling items you would otherwise just throw away. In other words, you’re literally selling things that you would otherwise lose without a profit. It’s like you’re making money out of thin air.


Needless to say, there are other ways to make money online, yet, they depend on one’s specific skills and previous assets. The reason why we opted for the above-listed eight is simply due to the fact that they’re available to anyone who’s looking for a bit more work and a bit more cash.

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Writer: David Webb

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