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Pro Tips for Decorating Your Rental

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Pro Tips for Decorating Your Rental


Rental apartments do not get that much love and often get left on their own. Renovation and remodeling projects make a difference, but not everyone has the budget or will from them. Well, how about redecorating? It is much more affordable and it still makes a real difference. Landlords can attract renters and maximize the revenues, while renters have the chance to improve their satisfaction and enjoyment of the space. Either way, rolling up your sleeves pays dividends.

Limits and possibilities

Right off the bat, it helps to figure out the overall style or theme you wish to pull off. Tastes differ, but modern minimalism is usually a safe bet. Of course, renters do not have much freedom as they have to work within the boundaries set by the landlords. Then again, there are ways to make your vision a reality with flying colors. So, do not fret if the rental looks like a sterile hospital room.

For example, you may not be allowed to tear down walls or replace furnishing, but what about hardware? Cabinet pulls and bathroom pieces are a relatively small investment, which enables you to customize and personalize the environment. Do keep the original hardware just in case and put it back in the end if need be.

Furthermore, you can summon accessories to your aid. Stock up on accents that reflect your style and echo your taste. At the same time, one mistake you want to avoid is going overboard with décor. The goal is not to create overwhelming visual noise, but to spruce up and beautify the space. One statement piece per room does the trick just fine.

Following aesthetic principles

Thus, it is highly advisable to be mindful when choosing the décor pieces or the paint color. It is a good idea to let the color psychology and other visual hard rules work to your advantage and positively stimulate the mood. Those who want to inject some shapes and patterns can go for a statement wall or employ removable wallpapers. Also, feel free to get your art on the wall.

Anyway, once you set the stage, you can start introducing small pops of color here and there.  These playful and bold sections should be an exception rather than a rule. It goes without saying that they need to match overall aesthetics unless you really know how to accomplish an eclectic style. Just avoid making permanent changes with a religious or political connotation.

On the other hand, if you ask me, the comforts of the typical home should not be banished the rental apartment. The temporary nature of the stay does not prevent you from infusing the space with warmth and texture and making it more inviting. Nothing says home as a fluffy sofa in the corner and the same goes for throw pillows, fuzzy curtains, and adorable round rugs.

Blend of form and function

Another thing to keep in mind is that décor and visual solutions must ever get in the way of functionality. Try to be flexible and think multi-purpose. Work some spatial magic with built-in storage space.  Place furniture pieces strategically and keep the clutter at bay. Take advantage of every inch, be it a vertical or horizontal space, awkward corner or a tiny hallway.

Finally, note that modular and freestanding furniture is always a nice addition as it allows renters to alter the configuration according to preferences. If you are working with an open floor plan, you can utilize décor dividers, bookcases, shelving, and screens to successfully divide and conquer the space. Play it smart and give the rental attention it needs to become a welcoming, stylish abode.

New design heights

Whether you are a landlord seeking to minimize vacancy times or a renter wanting to settle down for some time, decoration projects are a way to go. Enhance the looks of your rental like a pro and strive to keep things both cozy and functional.  Make an impact without spending a truckload of money or causing headaches to anyone, including yourself. Navigate the minefield of decisions and give the space a nice facelift.

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Writer: Lana Hawkins 

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