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Patio Flooring Options That Would Increase the Value of Your Home

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Patio Flooring Options That Would Increase the Value of Your Home


According to HGTV, a patio installment adds significant value to the outdoor space and, therefore, to your entire property. This makes sense because patios make the perfect spot to entertain, relax, and cook, all that by being in pleasant natural surroundings. While there are many elements working together with a single goal of creating that magnificent outdoor area, flooring is among the vital ones, not only because of its appearance but also because of its resistance to the weather, wear and tear. Your choice of the patio flooring solution can contribute to the price of your home if you decide to list it for sale one day. You may want to consider hiring a professional floor installation company in Toronto to make sure the job gets done right. Here are some flooring options you should consider.


Regardless of whether you opt for traditional or composite wood decking, this is a material that never goes out of style. Wood decking is among the most sought-after outdoor features among home buyers, and this is mostly because of its warm, homey, and chic vibe. Now, not every wood type is the same and depending on your taste, the desired design, and the price, you can choose between three popular outdoor flooring materials:

  • Cedar provides you with a fantastic natural wood look. Most carpenters will guarantee a lifespan of up to 20 years for cedar patio flooring.
  • Pressure-treated decking is a wallet-friendly, yet durable option. It’s hard enough to endure the elements and abuse, and some manufacturers even offer a lifetime warranty.
  • Composite decking requires near-zero maintenance. It’s made mostly of sawdust, wood chips, and recycled plastic. The look is close to real wood, but not nearly as warm and natural.

Tile (porcelain and ceramic)

Exterior patio floor tiles are a sure and classic choice for hardscaping. Depending on their PEI rating (rating for the suitability of fixing in a particular location), tiles can be very durable and abuse-resistant. Some of the things you need to think about are maintenance (most tiles are easy to clean), design (you can get a wide variety of looks, including stone and wood), standing up to the elements (hot porcelain and basic ceramic are not resistant to the weather), and slipping hazards (choose non-slipping tile).

Natural stone

Stone patios are ideal for making a seamless transition into a lush green garden. It creates a perfect place for having a morning coffee, eating breakfast, or spending time with your friends and family. Natural stone provides a warm rustic appearance and elevates the beauty of a garden landscape. The options are very versatile, as you can choose from quartz, sandstone, granite, and slate paving stones. If you go for quality stone patio slabs, you will end up with a hard-wearing and durable material, which is available in different finishes (e.g., sanded, textured, hammered, or irregular surface).


Speaking of rustic charm, nothing beats brick patios in this area. This classic, elegant look reminds of a bygone era of the 1960s New England and old family homes. Besides providing you with excellent resistance (both to the elements and foot traffic), brick creates a unique aesthetics that separates your backyard from the others. Brick patios come in various colors and patterns, all of which are perfect for a cozy setting with comfortable furniture and fireplace. In the short term, brick might seem like one of the most expensive options, but since it can last almost forever, it is a worthy investment.


While it doesn’t sound like the most aesthetically pleasing option out there, rubber patio flooring brings a lot of perks that are worth considering. After all, it is the main floor for gyms, which means it is slip resistant, shock absorbent, and durable. It comes in the form of pavers and tiles, and it is particularly useful for families with young kids. Rubber tiles can even mimic the appearance of stone, concrete, and brick.

Artificial grass

If you don’t want to disturb the ideal greenery of your backyard with stone, rubber, or wood, you can create the ultimate harmony by using artificial grass as patio flooring. Fortunately, these days artificial grass is very much different than it was decades ago, and you can barely notice the difference between it and the real stuff. Maintenance is effortless, and the turf is great for kids and pets.

As you can see, the available patio flooring options vary in terms of looks, quality, and price. It is up to you to set your priorities straight and choose one of these beautiful solutions.

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Writer: Tracey Clayton 

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