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7 Pro Tips to Help Your Home Sell Faster, for More Money

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7 Pro Tips to Help Your Home Sell Faster, for More Money


Just selling the property the way it is may sound tempting, but does not cut it in today’s market. A home that is set up for sale has better chances of attracting buyers than the one that has not been staged. The latter is targeted by lowball offers and people who want to profit on sprucing up and flipping them later. So, why not roll up the sleeves and earn more money yourself? Simple upgrades and staging go a long way in boosting the appeal and the price of the real estate.

Spark interest online

Note that 92% of buyers kick off their property hunting endeavors online. Therefore, the first thing to do is to make your online lists compelling and come up with striking, high-quality images of the home. It is also a good idea to engage in some content marketing. Post a video on YouTube that will serve as a captivating love letter about your property. Showcase the best bits and selling points and rest assured that the buyers will recognize homes that were well-loved.

At full blast

One of the hard rules is to never put an empty, unfurnished home on the market. Faced with such a bleak spectacle, people assume that it needs a whole lot of work and investment, which is often a shoddy assessment. They could also assume that the seller is getting desperate and give a lower offer as a result. Besides, empty homes allow buyers to pinpoint flaws more easily during the inspection process. Thus, leave some good stuff behind to improve your prospects.

The art of staging

Experts argue that for every $100 invested in staging, homeowners can potentially accomplish a return of $400. Likewise, it minimizes the price reduction and enables you to sell for 17% more on average. Finally, staged homes tend to sit on the market for a shorter amount of time. One option is to hire people who will professionally stage the home for sale. Secondly, if you want to handle this yourself, check out some styling tips online.

Strip it of your personality

Remodeling a home before selling is not a safe bet because you never know how people will like the changes. People have different tastes and you want them to be able to imagine themselves in a new home and infuse it with their own personality. It is highly advisable to keep the décor neutral and steer away from bold and quirky colors. Also, remove any personal, religious, and political items and small accessories.

Sprucing up

There is a variety of small upgrades that empower you to get the most bang for your buck. Painting the interior walls is one of the most common, affordable projects that bring about an instant facelift. To make a nice first impression and enhance the curb appeal, you can also apply a fresh coat of paint to the front door and trellis. Those who possess the garden or entryway should do some landscaping and put the best face forward.

Real estate conditioning

Bear in mind that buyers pay close attention to the maintenance requirements and costs of the home. What is more, it must leave an impression of regular maintenance and feature prime condition. For that reason, see if you need to update the floors and fixtures or do the repairs. Deal with any malfunctions, faults, and defects. Do not sweep problems under the carpet because a seasoned hunter or agent will make short work of your ploy.  

Clean and airy

One thing you do not want to overlook is clutter, which should be banished from any home that is listed. Pack everything that only gets in the way or distracts the buyers. If you have a lot of unnecessary stuff, hire experts like mobile storage in Brisbane to take care of them. Everybody likes to see a tidy, clean, and well-organized abode. Hence, cleaning the home thoroughly is another must-do activity. And do not just make it broom clean – work your cleaning magic until you see the sparkles. Finally, open the windows and air the home to do away with pesky odors.

Key to success

Selling a home is a fine art. You want to play it smart with small, cosmetic fixes and upgrades that can make a big difference. So, think twice before going for extensive remodeling. Know that staging is not about smoke and mirrors. It revolves around unraveling the true potential of a home and showing it in the best possible light. Do not miss a chance to reach a better buyer pool and hand over the keys with a wide smile on your face.

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Writer: Lana Hawkins 

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