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5 Affordable Features That Can Increase the Value of Your Home Before Selling

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5 Affordable Features That Can Increase the Value of Your Home Before Selling


The moment you decide to put your home on the market, you need to consider how you can increase the value of your property. Not only will you have to perform a comprehensive audit to determine the exact condition of your property, but you also need to come up with a carefully planned remodelling approach. Styling up and upgrading your home will enable you to boost its appeal and value. This will also help you attract top-tier buyers and get a high return on your investment. However, you need to choose your remodelling projects carefully because not all of them will provide you with the desired results.

Functional and carefully planned lighting

One of the most important factors that will affect the value of your home and its general atmosphere is lighting. In fact, lighting can make or break your property because your prospective buyers will immediately notice if your home isn’t properly lit. Therefore, you need to consider whether your living space has appropriate and functional lighting that contributes to its appeal, comfort and function.
In particular, you should consider installing two specific lighting features – dimmer switches and under-cabinet lights. Dimmers are a functional solution that allows you to adjust your interior lighting depending on your needs. You can use them to fill your space with bright, clear glow or set the mood in the evening. What’s even better is the fact that this simple upgrade is quite affordable, yet highly profitable, bringing a high return on investment.
When it comes to under-cabinet lighting, it’s essential for a functional kitchen. Not only will it create a deep, stylish look, but it will also provide future owners with a high level of convenience and functionality.

Pre-finished flooring

Your floors are another important feature that buyers will consider when inspecting your home. Beautiful, stylish and quality flooring will elevate your home décor and boost the value of your property substantially. However, replacing your floors can be a bit expensive, so you should consider going with pre-finished engineered flooring. This solution is more convenient because it’s much easier to install, which will shorten the renovation period significantly, providing you with more time to deal with other remodelling projects. You may have to pay a bit more for the materials of pre-finished flooring, but the installation will cost less, so there won’t be any major difference when it comes to the price and you’ll save more time.

Effective air conditioning

Proper ventilation and air conditioning are crucial for a comfortable and airy home, especially during hot summers. Therefore, your possible buyers will definitely pay attention to your AC unit because it can affect the general atmosphere in your home. If you don’t have one, you should consider installing an effective and reliable split system air conditioner that will keep your home airy, fresh and cosy. This type of air conditioning is the most popular solution for households because it’s easy to install and maintain and it’s more energy-efficient when compared to other models. Installing this type of air conditioning is a budget-friendly and efficient way to keep your space cool and comfy, which will bring a great return on your investment.

A stylish and practical kitchen

As the most valuable area in your home, your kitchen should feature a functional and stylish design. However, since major kitchen remodels can cost you a fortune, you should introduce simple, affordable changes that will enhance its functionality, elevate its décor and charm your buyers. You should start with your cabinets because they’re one of the most essential kitchen components. You can update them by replacing their hardware, applying a coat of paint or installing glass doors. You should also install new kitchen faucets and other fixtures that can give your kitchen a modern look. If you are ready to pay a bit more, you can replace the countertops. Although this update is on the expensive side, it will definitely pay off.

Basic fixes and updates

Some of the most profitable improvements are basic fixes and repairs that will ensure the excellent condition of your home. This entails fixing any hidden leaks, removing mould, cleaning tile grout and fixing any cracked tiles. Furthermore, you should also pay attention to outdoor features, such as peeling façade, missing roof shingles and unkempt garden. Dealing with these basic updates will boost your home’s appeal and increase its value, providing you with a high return on your investment.

Having decided to sell your home, you need to undertake profitable remodelling projects that will help you appeal to buyers and bring more value to your home.

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Writer: Lana Hawkins 

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