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First Steps to Entrepreneurship: Ways College Students Can Earn Money


First Steps to Entrepreneurship: Ways College Students Can Earn Money


College life is nothing short of exciting. One thing is for certain, college students will undoubtedly have financial issues. Besides focusing on their studies that take up most of their time, students have to have enough money for necessities too.Finding a job to help you earn a bit is always a good idea. However, many students have difficulties finding enough time to work and study enough to pass their exams. Not only that, but there’s also the lingering issue of paying off the student loan, which haunts every student.

Needless to say, with a bit of organization and planning, students can manage to balance their studies and still have time to do a bit of work. After all, it will be your first step towards entrepreneurship, where there’ll never be enough time to do everything that’s required, but in the end you’ll be able to manage it all regardless. Here are a few ways students can earn money and not fall behind with their studies.

Become a sitter

Sitting jobs, such as babysitter, house sitter and pet sitter are great job opportunities for students. The main reason is that they don’t demand much work and you can even study on the job. For instance, house sitting gives you an opportunity to have a peaceful place to study while making money in the process.

Also, taking someone’s dog to a park allows you to study away from college commotions and distractions while letting the dog enjoy itself in the park. Sitting kids, however, is a bit more demanding. Still, if you’re good with kids, you’ll manage to entertain them and have some peace and quiet at the same time. Sitting jobs are well paid and they won’t take up too much of your time.

Tutor younger students

A lot of new students will gladly pay for insight into classes they’re about to attend. That way, they’re able to prepare in advance andpass the exams more easily. Furthermore, some students mightsimply be having difficulties passing an exam and they need someone to help them understand the subject better. Tutoring others can be a good way to earn money and help fellow students pass the semester.

You can earn around $30 per hour depending on the subject. Make sure you’re good at the subject you’re tutoring and you’ll get recommended to others. That way, there’ll be no supply shortage of students who need tutoring. Another good thing is that you can choose when to hold tutoring classes so that they don’t interfere with your own classes and study routines.

Sell your textbooks and notes

At the end of the school year, new college students will be admitted. If you no longer have a need for your textbooks from the previous year, you can sell them to freshmen for a lower price. Moreover, booksellers are oftentimes willing to buy books back from you if you’ve kept them in good condition.

Furthermore, taking notes in class is quite important and it can help you pass the class more easily. A lot of students who couldn’t take notes for some reason are more than willing to pay for them. You can make copies of your notes and sell them to your classmates.

Earn money online with paid surveys

If you run out of textbooks to sell, you can always browse the Internet for various opportunities. For instance, you can get paid to take surveys online. That way, you can give feedback about your favorite brand or something similar and still get some money in return.

Apply for an internship

Most students look forward to summer break, when they can enjoy 10-11 college-free weeks. Although that time is great to rest and clear your mind, as well as to prepare for the next semester, you can also use it to earn some money. Heading off for a vacation somewhere sounds veryappealing, but you should also consider the chance to gain some valuable experience and earn quite a bit of money.

A good way to do this is to apply for paid internships. Not only will you be able to work at one of the finest companies in the world, but you’ll also gain valuable experience in the field you wish to work in later in the future. And most importantly, you can earn as much as two average salaries in the U.S. per month. That amount will certainly help you throughout the year and you might even be able to make some bigger plans.

Do some freelance writing

Many online companies are in desperate need of content. You can take advantage of that fact and try your hand at some freelance writing. Moreover, there are plenty of writing gigs online, which means you can write articles from your dorm room. After all, it’s a good way to make money, and you can even choose how many articles you want to write per day.

You can earn from $30 to $100 per article. Pick a niche that you love and writing articles won’t be a problem for you at all. In addition, some companies are willing to pay more for quality articles about latest technology and the business industry. Therefore, if you have the technical know-how, you can earn a bit of extra cash for tech and business articles.

College fees and the costs of living on campus can run anyone’s wallet dry. Also, balancing work and studies can sometimes be very difficult. However, you can easily find ways to make money and still maintain your good grades. The only thing you need is a bit of good planning.

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Writer: Tracey Clayton 

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