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Increase your property value by making it more energy efficient

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Increase your property value by making it more energy efficient


When purposefully renovating a home, it all boils down to one fundamental question which sums up the entire process – how to increase property value without spending too much cash? Well, the very act of increasing a home’s value can give you quite a few financial benefits.

For example: if you’re considering taking a loan, you can tap the equity from your property to make more purchases, or even create a bona fide business agency if you are really up to the task and steadily start making additional home improvements as you sink your teeth in real estate. This way, you can easily get some extra money when marketing your property at a higher value, while also making your home the best example of your story.

What do current trends dictate?

Eco-friendly homes are immensely popular in the real estate market as customers are enthusiastic to go green and buy such properties. Homes like these offer a variety of energy-efficiency advantages, which reduce utility bills and reliance on non-renewable resources. They can generate electric power, or at least consume less energy by utilizing resources more efficiently, thus leading to a healthier environment.

If you need help to find your footing with the whole energy-efficient home improvement research, check out our list of a variety of renovations and green products that guarantee an increase in home value on the market.

Showerheads, Low Flow Faucets, and Toilets

It’s not a mystery that the bathroom is supremely important to most home buyers. Water consumption in the kitchen is just behind the water use for personal hygiene and laundry machines. Reducing the amount of water you use without interrupting your daily activities or chores can allow you to both save some money and reduce your negative impact on the environment. Replacing toilets, faucets, and showerheads with low-flow appliances can decrease the amount of water you use by up to 2.5 gallons per minute without a drop in the water pressure.

Energy-Efficient Doors and Windows

Buyers often love to see a home with newly installed doors and windows. Energy-efficient windows and doors can improve the building enclosure of the house thus preventing undesired airflow and outside temperature penetration. You’ll be particularly happy with the fact that you’ll be able to save 7 to 15 percent on your home’s energy bill. If you combine this with insulating the house, you will be able to increase the value of your property up to another 3 percent. A little goes a long way.

Solar Panels

Alongside wind and hydropower, solar power is a great alternative to the fossil fuels, making it essential energy prospect for the future of the planet. Photovoltaic solar panels can significantly reduce your energy bills and improve the value of your house. The modern deep-cycle battery technology for solar panels such as long-lasting Trojan batteries will save you money in the long run.

You shouldn’t neglect smart thermostats to have more control of cooling and heating systems. Also, usage of LED lighting and programmable timers that switch off the lights when there is nobody in the room goes hand in hand beautifully with solar panel technology.


Most homes already own efficient Energy Star appliances. Nevertheless, some older homes could still possess one or two old items with some sentimental value that turned out to be energy inefficient. Changing to more efficient and newer models can potentially reduce energy consumption up to 50 percent. Usually, a kitchen is the first room that undergoes renovation and as you improve the flooring, counters and cabinets, keep in mind that appliances are the real energy savers.


Every cent that you save in energy will lead to a big jump in the value of your home. The best way to determine which changes to make requires you to do your due diligence. Calculate how much resources and energy you are using now, then decide what improvements would serve best for your property, how much would it take to set up these products, and how much profit and home value increase can be made in the future. After that, when your patience starts to pay off, you can go straight for the green enhancements that will be suit both your home and your wallet.

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Writer: Lana Hawkins 

Disclaimer: All investing can potentially be risky. Investing or borrowing can lead into financial losses. All content on Bay Street Blog are solely for educational purposes. All other information are obtained from credible and authoritative references. Bay Street Blog is not responsible for any financial losses from the information provided. When investing or borrowing, always consult with an industry professional.

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