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Can You Afford to Skip College?


Can You Afford to Skip College?


College is the highlight of education and most importantly, the end of it. After college, there’s no more school, no more homework or annoying classes. Nevertheless, when education ends, reality begins and much more responsibilities await you – quite frankly – more important responsibilities. What’s interesting is that college is perceived by many as the boogeyman of the education system and most kids feel overwhelmed when faced with it.

Colleges are renowned for being difficult to get in and even more difficult to finish, so is it really worth it? Some of you are in that period of your lives where education seems boring and unnecessary. After all, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are college dropouts and they’re doing pretty well. However, can you really afford to skip college? Well, if you aren’t the next Gates or Zuckerberg, you shouldn’t be so quick to quit college. Here are a few reasons why you should stay in school.

More opportunities

Undoubtedly, many folks, including your parents and relatives, will tell you that you’ll score a much better job with a college degree. This is true only to a certain point. Finishing college doesn’t mean you’ll get the best job straight away. In fact, how good of a job you manage to score largely depends on you – your commitment, devotion and eagerness to find your place in the world.

College, on the other hand, gives you more opportunities to do so. Instead of being turned down for a lack of qualifications immediately, many great companies will give you a chance to show them what you got once they see you finished college. After that, it’s up to you to convince them to hire you. The fact is that college can open more doors for career opportunities than a high school diploma or online courses can.

Grow up a bit more

Each and every one of us feels mature and independent at the age of 18. However, the reality is that not all of us are. Most of the high school graduates were under their parents’ care and have never worked, paid taxes, bills or made any crucial decisions in their lives. College can extend your transition into “real life”, and provide you with the opportunity to test out your independence.

If you skip this step, you will have to grow up quickly and get a 9 to 5 job for a wage that can barely sustain you, while worrying about expenses that keep piling up. Your parents will still probably support you, but at one point you’ll either have to start contributing or move out and manage on your own. However, when you’re in college, your only responsibility is passing the semester. Also, you’ll be able to try different things, meet new people and gain new experiences, which will help you grow and prepare for responsibilities that inevitably await you.

A return on investment

College fees and admission requirements are enough to make your head spin. That’s why many people wonder whether their investment is worth it. There are always two sides of a coin and you must look at both of them, if you want to get the whole picture. For instance, it’s evident that you need to have high GPA scores, take part in extracurricular activities and, above all, be at the top of your class if you want to have a good chance to get into Stanford University.

However, not just kids with high grades make it to college, but those with strong personality and character as well. Therefore, you’re actually working on yourself and investing in your own skills to meet college requirements. Furthermore, college will help you hone those skills further and give you the necessary knowledge regarding “the real world” that comes afterwards. So, don’t consider requirements or fees a burden. Instead, consider them as an investment in yourself that will increase your value tenfold.

Gain independence

As mentioned before, college will give you an opportunity to test out your newly found independence. You’ll no longer be staying with your parents or relatives. Although you’ll be visiting them every now and then, it won’t be the same as living there the whole time. That means you’ll have autonomy to do various things and meet new and interesting people. You can try getting a job if you have enough time to commit to it.

Improving your financial situation is never a bad choice, as long as you don’t fall behind with your studies. You’ll meet new people with whom you’ll share ideas and ambitions. Kids claim that friends you make in high school are forever. Although that may be true to a certain degree, many kids go their own separate paths in college, never to make contact again. However, relationships you make in college can, indeed, last a lifetime. Who knows, your deskmate might turn out to be your future business partner.

Skipping college may seem like a great chance to save money and jumpstart your career. However, the reality is oftentimes cruel, and you may discover that real life isn’t just sunshine and rainbows. The experiences and skills, and not to mention knowledge, you’ll gain in college can prove invaluable later on in life. Truthfully, it would be a shame to miss out on such a great opportunity that college has to offer.

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Writer: Tracey Clayton 

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