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How to Make Your Backyard a Selling Point

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How to Make Your Backyard a Selling Point


There has been a lot of talk about curb appeal being one of the most important selling points of a property. Of course, that makes sense, being that it is the first thing home buyers notice when they come to see their potential new home. But, while the front yard makes the first impression, the backyard creates a lasting impression, which could, if done right, actually close the sale. If you are looking for ways to impress house hunters and sell your home quickly (and for a higher price too), here are some tips that will help you give your backyard a top-notch makeover.

Get rid of the clutter

There is nothing as repelling as a backyard that is cluttered with old bikes, lawn mowers, and other junk. If you leave it like that, it is not very likely that the prospective buyers will be able to see the potential behind the chaos. Inspect all the things that are causing the clutter. If you can, sell, give, or throw away some of them. As for the rest of the stuff, you can build a simple shed where you will be able to organize and arrange them.

Take care of plants

If you have been neglecting your lawn, bushes, trees, and flowers, it is about time to give them some attention. Check for debris, weeds, brush, overgrowth, and piled up leaves. Spend one or two afternoons shaping up bushes, pruning back trees, and clearing out accumulated sticks, leaves, and anything else that is causing a mess.

Wash the manmade surfaces

Decks, walkways, siding, patios, and anything else that could gather grime and dirt over time, should be pressure washed to return to its former glory. If you don’t own a pressure washer, you can buy it, borrow it from your neighbors, or rent it in one of the major home stores.

Make it comfortable

What’s the use of a beautiful backyard if you can’t spend time there, alone or with your family and friends? Your buyers need to be able to picture themselves spending hours in the outdoor oasis you have prepared for them. For that, you will need some stylish outdoor lounge furniture, which is also comfortable, weather-resistant, and harmonious with the interior style of your home.

Create shade

Shade is vital for making the backyard enjoyable during hot summer months, and if you play your cards right, it can also create a unique visual experience. Some of the most visually pleasing backyard shade solutions are an arbor or pergola covered with vines, retro umbrella, slanted roof pergola, awnings, shade sails, and the most classic of them all – a tree.

Design for privacy

Home buyers think highly of privacy, especially in new neighborhoods where they don’t know anyone. That is why it is very important to provide them with much-desired privacy in their new backyard. You can accomplish that with trees, shrubs, and bushes, a bamboo screen, creeper plants, etc.


Spending evenings outdoors is fantastic, but it wouldn’t be possible without proper lighting. Your primary goal should be to illuminate the seating area. Use solutions like string lights, large chandeliers and pendant lamps. You shouldn’t neglect pathways and trails. Get bonus points for going energy-efficient, and use solar lamps or torches for this task.

Add that something extra

Additional backyard features could be just what the buyers need to finally close the deal. Think about impressive additions like a pool, an outdoor spa, a fireplace or a fire pit, a fountain, a pond, a playground for kids, and the like.

Make it low-maintenance

These days no one has enough time to devote to mowing, pruning, and taking care of backyard plants. While buyers might be impressed with the lush greenery, they are quickly turned off by the fact they will need to invest time and effort into maintaining it. This is why you need to opt for low-maintenance landscaping which includes using local plants, bushes that need only occasional trims, and flowers that require rare watering.

When listing your house for sale, everly little detail counts. Your backyard can quickly be turned into a major selling point, if only you invest some effort into it.

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Writer: Cooper Klien

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