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7 Ways to Save Money on Clothes Shopping


7 Ways to Save Money on Clothes Shopping


Shopping for clothes is always fun – checking out new fashion trends, trying on clothes, and so on. Clothes shopping is one of the biggest weakest link for many millennials. It’s relatively easy to buy clothes on pulse, especially when there’s a sale.

Millennials are more frequent shoppers. Around 58% of millennials love to shop, compared to 40% of adults (Buxton). Millennials also spend an average of $57 per store visit, and $75 per online visit. While shopping, it’s easy to lose track of your spending. If you’re planning on going on a shopping trip in the near future, here are the 7 ways to save money on clothes shopping.

  1. Buy at the right time

Nowadays, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll find at least one store having a sale when you walk into a mall. Many clothing companies would have regular sales, giving generous deals to its customers. Wait for the next sales event for your favourite store – this allow you to get more out of your money.

  1. Ask for a discount

Like what they say – if you don’t ask, you don’t get. In many cases, it’s possible to bargain down the clothes. For example, if you’re a student, ask for a student discount. Many retailers, such as Club Monaco, and Banana Republic offer discounts to student customers. Use Retail Me Not to search up for coupons for various clothing stores.

  1. Take advantage of reward programs

Some retailers, such as American Eagle have reward programs in place for their shoppers. Keep track of your points, and take advantage of it in order to provide you with potential discounts on your next shopping trip. Your credit card may also include merchandise rewards once a certain amount of points are collected.

  1. Compare

Check out different stores – in many cases, you’d find similar quality clothes at a fraction of a price. Sometimes, clothing stores jack up their prices because of the ‘brand’ factor. At the end of the day, the difference between a similar item at two different stores would be barely noticeable. You can even check thrift stores, where you may find some stylish items at a lower price.

  1. Buy good quality clothes

Yes, less-quality clothes are cheaper. Yes, you would save a few bucks here and there. However, in the long term, you’d be saving less. It’s better to spend a little more, and buy good quality clothes. Typically these clothes last longer, and would save you more money in the long run.

  1. Set a budget

Before you enter the mall, or go online for shopping – have a budget in place. Keep this number in mind, and spend within your limits. Some people would bring cash, in order to ensure they stick to their budget. However, remember you’d be missing out on the credit card benefits, such as extended warranty on purchases and consumer protection.

  1. Think twice

Before buying any item, think twice – do you really need it? This also applies when there’s a sale – don’t buy only because of the ‘50%’ sales event. Also, does it fit in with your wardrobe? You don’t want to buy an item that doesn’t match with most of your wardrobe, otherwise it would be a waste of money.


While shopping trips are always fun, just remember to spend within your means. It’s not wise to max out your credit card for clothes, which is a bad debt. The most important thing is to keep a budget in mind and knowing what you want.

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Writer: Jelani Smith 

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