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Stay on Top of Modern Trends with This Decor Trends Guide

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Stay on Top of Modern Trends with This Decor Trends Guide


Decorating your home with classic timeless trends makes sense: it means that you won’t have to make any major changes as the trends come and go. However, change is good sometimes. It shows that you are up to date with what is going on in the field of design and that you know how to implement new trends into your home. This is especially important if you’re in the real estate business or if you are planning to sell your home. Décor novelties might just give you the edge you need to rise above the competition. So, here are some 2017 décor trends to consider.

The colour of the year is still going strong

Even though it has been some time since Pantone showcased their color of the year 2017, Greenery is still one of the most persistent trends to try. However, since it’s a very bold shade, you shouldn’t go overboard with it, especially if you are selling the house. Don’t paint the entire walls with it. Instead, display it through accent pieces, focus walls and details.

We faux you not

You’ve heard about the faux fur, but that’s not the only faux thing trending this year. Faux materials, such as engineered quartz, eco-leather, manufactured grey floors and faux wood beams, are now not only cheap ways to introduce a feeling of timelessness into your home, they are also modern and look just like the originals.

A sense of comfort

Regardless of the growing popularity of minimalistic design, a home should always be comfortable and warm. The best way to achieve this goal is by creating a layered textured look. Some great ideas to pull this off are velvet sofas, yarn ottomans, soft plush rugs, and, of course, faux fur.

Put the DIY aside

The DIY craze was an amazing period, but don’t you think it overstayed its welcome? The leading minds of the interior design industry think that too, and they have something to say to you: replace the DIY items with artisan pieces, such as porcelain, woodwork and glass. The artisan accessories and furniture are not something any of us can do. On the contrary, they require craftsmanship and high level of skill, and that’s what makes them so special.

Raw style

The raw white trend is actually correlated with the emergence of artisan style because it speaks about unearthed and handmade stuff, but also about the beauty that can be found in imperfection and organic textured look. You can implement it through accessories such as vases, bowls, plates, etc.

All tucked-away

Urban dwellings and tiny-living trends demand compromises when it comes to style and function. However, this doesn’t have to mean your home should be deprived of both of them. You just need to make some adaptations. They come in the form of foldable dining room tables, multipurpose furniture pieces (e.g. ottoman + storage) and even entire kitchens hidden behind sliding doors or folded up into a box.

The resurgence of mixed metals

Scandinavian minimalist and industrial design have both triggered the resurgence of mixed metals, making combining brass and chrome or polished nickel and silver one of the biggest décor trends of the year. The easiest ways to update the space with this sleek glossy style is with accents such as lamps and pendants, vases, trays, mirrors or other accessories. To make them pop up even more, pair them up with matte details, or the raw white trend we mentioned above.

Nature at its best

As the world is moving more and more towards urbanization, the humanity feels lack of connection with nature. We are trying to make that right by introducing organic elements into our homes. Some of the materials which can bring in a touch of nature to your surroundings are wood (reclaimed if you care about eco-friendliness), cork, bamboo, stone, clay and terracotta.

Regardless whether you are preparing your house for sale and want to impress the buyers or you just need to create a more pleasant place to live in, these 2017 trends will freshen up your space and make your home more modern.

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Writer: Tracey Clayton

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