Ambarella Inc. – Stock on the Rise

June 17, 2015 Jelani Smith 0

Medium cap stock, Ambarella Inc., (NASDAQ: AMBA), continues to outperform the markets at an unparalleled rate, despite the worries over the Fed rate hikes, and Greece’s economy. Currently trading $122.23 USD, and with a market cap of $3.69 Billion, Ambarella Inc. is in the growth stage. Stock Overview Ambarella: YTD, 140.99%, 52 week, 356.08% NASDAQ: YTD, 6.94%, 52 week, 17.50% […]

The Quarter Life Crisis

June 15, 2015 Bukhtar Khan 1

The Quarter-Life Crisis’ is a transition period during which a person begins to feel anxieties about the direction of their life and the stress of becoming a responsible adult.  Individuals going through this difficult changeover can relate to feelings of being lost, scared, lonely or confused about which steps to take in order to become successful in their chosen career path. […]

Stock Selection: To Buy or Not to Buy?

June 10, 2015 Jelani Smith 2

A mini guide to choosing the right stock… What to look for in a stock? Picking the right stock does involve a mixture of technical and fundamental analysis. Overlooking one aspect of the stock selection process can be a costly mistake, affecting the value of your portfolio. It’s important to do your homework before selecting a stock, and not to […]

2014 Canadian Market Recap

March 10, 2015 Jelani Smith 0

North American Equities provided average returns within 2014, with the DOW gaining 7.5% and the TSX gaining 7.4%. Major headlines included Ali Baba’s record breaking Initial Public Offering (IPO) of over $20 Billion, declining oil prices, and low interest rates. Declining oil prices is definitely a big win for Canadian consumers, as goods become cheaper, thus leading to a 0.7% […]

3 Rules To Successful Investing

February 5, 2015 Jelani Smith 5

Equities are known to have higher volatility over the short run; hence they’re considered more of an investment for the longer term, where there is typically an uptrend. Many equity investors go into the market with the objective of making the highest Return on Investment (ROI) possible, however it is important for them to keep in mind the three basic […]