Stocks and Bonds Explained

December 14, 2015 Syed Azam Afzal 0

Usually people understand the basic concept of bonds and stocks, however do not realize all the features that both of them have. Both have great features that in turn could be very beneficial to the investor. Bonds Debt for issuing corporations or governments Characteristics: Legal(pay back what you borrowed with interest), binding agreement Fixed rate of interest(paid semi-annually)—A commitment to […]

2016 Canadian Market Outlook

December 9, 2015 Jelani Smith 0

During 2016, the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) provided weak returns for investors. House prices continued to hit record highs, whereas the Canadian dollar reached multi-year lows. The TSX continued to slide, as many investors were concerned over global issues, such as the Chinese stock market crash, and the collapse of the Greece economy. The weakening of the Canadian dollar is […]

The Rise and Fall of Blockbuster

November 25, 2015 Jelani Smith 1

Remember those days when picking out movies from Blockbuster was the best thing ever? The joy from picking Blockbuster movies to take home never got old. Blockbuster was a company that once played a huge role in the North American film industry. For a company that was worth over $2.5 billion – where did Blockbuster screw up? Early Years Blockbuster […]

Top 5 Business Movies

November 10, 2015 Eduardo Wu 0

I am a huge fan of movies and finance, and I immediately remember all of the great movies that I have seen whenever there is a finance movie trailer released. I know many of our readers are preparing for midterms; so if you want to take a break from studying, or just simply gave up on studying (please don’t), take a […]

Netflix and Buy?

October 28, 2015 Jelani Smith 0

Netflix Inc. is an online media company for streaming TV shows, and movies. Netflix has grown to over 69 million members, in over 50 countries. Currently, there is over 100 million hours of content on the Netflix website. Content includes movies, feature films, and original series. In the past year, the Netflix stock, NASDAQ: NFLX, has gained 111.15% (as of […]

New Samsung, Old Problem

October 26, 2015 Eduardo Wu 0

Recently Samsung has stated that its operating profits have declined by 4%. This is not a current issue as Samsung has been trying to boost sales for quite a while now. Most recently, the company has changed the design of their phones in an attempt to boost its sales. With the new Galaxy S6 and Note 5 – Samsung wants […]