Why Do Big Companies Fail?

February 17, 2016 Syed Azam Afzal 0

Big companies at times are considered unstoppable. People suggest that the company will last for generations and yet some fail in matter of a few years. How can such large companies fall so quickly? Disruptive technology Disruptive technology are products that are intended for the lower end of the market. In turn, large companies tend to ignore them due to […]

Alphabet Surpasses Apple

February 2, 2016 Jelani Smith 0

Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) has surpassed Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) as the most valuable company on the stock market. After Alphabet’s Earnings call, the shares jumped more than 5%, valuing the company at a $554 billion market cap, 3.4% higher than Apple’s $534 billion market cap (source). During 2015, Apple Inc. was the most valuable company in the world, as the stock […]

STATE OF MIND – ‘Buddy, Can You Spare a Job?’

January 21, 2016 Krish Puri 0

‘Buddy, Can You Spare a Job?’ is a three part series focused on the state of the job market for young people, particularly college students, given today’s political and economic pressures. Joining Krishna C. Nadella for the discussion are Sarah Lovenheim and Dr. Christian M. M. Brady. Sarah Lovenheim is the Communications Director for Young Invincibles, a national non-profit representing […]

4 Billion People Without Internet!

January 15, 2016 Hamza Hasnain 0

Industrial Revolution began in 1760s – 1870, this phase concluded with a slowdown in macro-inventions (inventions which are game changers, like micro-chips). Second Industrial Revolution occurred in between 1870 – 1914, it was a phase of rapid industrialization since it focused more on the development of manufacturing and production technology (more macro inventions). One of the primary byproducts of the […]

Canadian Banking Industry: 2015 Overview

January 14, 2016 Jelani Smith 0

Canada is known to have a solid economic system with its highly regulated financial institutions. The top 5 largest banks are Royal Bank of Canada, TD Canada Trust, Bank of Nova Scotia, Bank of Montreal, and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. Canada tends to not have a banking crisis during recessions – this is due the strong regulations, controlling mortgage […]

Saving up for University: Tips & Tricks

January 11, 2016 Jelani Smith 0

State of Mind Episode 7, ‘The Cost of Education’ is about the rising Education prices. As mentioned by Krishna Nadella, a study by the Department of Agriculture stated that it costs the average middle class family in America over $245,000 to raise a child. However, it can easily cost more than that to send a child to college. The main […]

STATE OF MIND – ‘The Cost of Education’

January 8, 2016 Krish Puri 0

‘The Cost of Education’ is a web-based discussion focused on how households can most effectively save for higher education. A recent study conducted by theDepartment of Agriculture revealed that the cost to raise a child for an average American household can be up to $245,000 over eighteen years. According to the study, it can cost the same family twice as […]

South Africa Smartphone Industry

January 7, 2016 Syed Azam Afzal 0

The article, Forget about China; Focus on Africa, emphasized that Africa as a whole has a growing market for smartphones. However, its impossible to have a generalized analysis, as each country has different landscapes and capabilities. To start, South Africa has shown tremendous growth over the years. Specifically, “the mobile phones market grew by 36% in 2014 to reach a […]

Forget about China; focus on Africa

January 2, 2016 Syed Azam Afzal 0

The smartphone market is expecting a major slowdown – as high demand from China is expected to cool (CNBC). According to a IDC report, the expected growth for 2015 smartphone shipments was 10.4%, a 17.1% drop from the 2014 growth rate. As China’s demand is cooling off – smartphone companies should focus on Africa, since provide a great growth potential. […]