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Bay Street Blog is a platform for Millennial Finance – with a focus on Personal Finance and Self Directed Investing topics.

The Bay Street name comes from a popular street that runs through the heart of the Toronto Financial District, where many of the Financial Firms reside.

With a team of Contributing Authors from different Canadian Universities and personal finance websites, our goal is to improve your financial literacy. Having a strong understanding in Personal Finance has many great benefits, from better credit scores, to better savings habits. Visit today for a financial savvy experience.

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Jelani Smith

Jelani Smith


Jelani Smith is a personal finance guru with a passion for real estate & personal finance. He is a real estate agent at Zoocasa and is the managing editor & founder of Bay Street Blog, a Millennial Finance Hub. He envisions the blog to improve the financial literacy rates among millennials. Jelani bought his first home in Toronto as a recent-grad and looks forward to sharing his knowledge with students & recent grads.