What is Cryptocurrency? Which Countries Are Accepting Them?

February 17, 2020 Linda Parker 0

Cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange and conducting financial transactions online that employ cryptographical functions leveraging block chain technology. Cryptocurrency can also be defined as a decentralized system where a central authority that checks, verifies or facilitates a transaction does not exist. Cryptocurrencies have gained a lot of popularity in recent years as users can avoid high fees charged by […]

How to Take Charge of Your Credit Score in 2020

February 8, 2020 Adrian 0

Heading into the New Year means a fresh start filled with new resolutions and goals to hit in 2020. By now, you’ve likely been exposed to a little something I’d like to call the credit world – whether it was financing a car, renting your first apartment, or planning an interior design upgrade for your home. Surely you have some […]

How To Improve Your Relationship With Money

February 5, 2020 Demetrius Harrison 1

Let’s be honest, even if it’s not at its worst- your money situation could be better. 2 in 3 Americans are unconfident with their finances. Although 36% have a positive relationship with money, 45% feel their relationship with money is worrisome. More interestingly, 33% describe their relationship with money as worrisome. What’s everyone doing with their money? Is budgeting even […]